As you know, writing is one of my passions.  I love to write and think writing is a way to free yourself from past burdens or memories.  When you look at your life, sometimes it seems this is just the hand you are dealt, however, your life is not set in stone. It's something that you can change. One of the tools that you can use is a pen, pencil or laptop. You can use writing to help you create the life you want.  Although some prefer to use the laptop, I have heard it said that actually writing rather than typing increases creativity in the brain.  I don’t know, it just what I heard.

Processing Emotions

First things first with emotions.  A simple way to understand and come to terms with your emotions is to write down whatever it is that is bothering you. This could be something current, something from the past or something that bothers you about someone or something else.  Just write it down. This allows you to internalise and then begin the work to solve the problem. You'll increase your self-knowledge and help yourself move forward.

Clearing Your Mind

To achieve higher levels of thinking and problem solving you need to clear your mind of unimportant or irrelevant thoughts. A simple way to achieve this is to "Core dump".

Core dumping is a technique devised by David Allen (Getting Things Done). You simply list everything you need to do that day. This helps to clear your mind to allow you to focus on the most important things.  Make sure you put down everything, no matter how insignificant – just put it down.

Another method of mind clearing is to write a stream of consciousness first thing in the morning every day. The important point with this process is that you write continuously without stopping to think or edit about what you are setting onto the page.  Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) calls this method, “Morning Pages”. She advocates writing three pages or approximately 750 words of your stream of consciousness first thing in the morning as a way to clear your mind. This leaves only those important thoughts you need to focus on for the day.  This technique takes a bit more discipline but the free flowing is very therapeutic. Try it and see how it goes.

Create a Record

Diary keeping has been undertaken for centuries. More recently, people call it journaling.  Whatever you decide it will be called, it's a powerful tool for keeping a record of activities and actions. By being able to re-read these you get to remember the past including your thoughts and feelings. I recommend putting all of your feelings in your writing, so you have something to laugh at as well as be sad, angry or ecstatic about. This allows you to gain understanding and insight. An additional benefit is the realization of your strengths and achievements.  I personally have so many journals around my home, I’m running out of shelf space to keep them all.  I grab one and just open to any page and read the memories.  It feels good to see how far I’ve come and also to acknowledge where I need to go.

Keeping a record of your achievements can be beneficial to your self-confidence as well as self-knowledge. There are different types of writing you can complete including ‘to do’ lists, goal lists, etc.  By recording your achievements you recognize and celebrate your achievements big or small.

Big Thinking

I am big on this.  Dream BIG! Dreams and goals are important as they help us to learn, grow and achieve success. Writing down your hopes and dreams allows you to not only dream about the future you'd like but to visualize it. By visualizing your dreams, you are making them more real. There is a saying that ‘if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand’.  Your written record of your big thoughts will help you track them giving you a greater opportunity to achieve them.  The bigger the dream the better.

If you want your life to change, then writing is a powerful tool. By using one or more of the methods above you will be creating a commitment to change and self-improvement. You can set goals, hold yourself accountable for making the changes and monitor your progress.

I am a true believer of writing, as you know.  I have written several books, blogs and articles.  I journal almost daily and because I write down my dream and goals, I realize them which motivates me to continue.  I strongly urge you to change your life by writing.  You will be glad you did!


Write the vision