What did you choose to do today? How did you spend your time? Each and every day, every one of us is faced with a myriad of choices on how to spend our time. it is said that we make over 100,000 choices daily; from whether or not to get up when the alarm goes off; to if we are going to shower, to what to eat for breakfast.  What we decide to do pretty much makes up the fabric of our lives. In a very real sense, what we eat, how we work, the pursuits that we consider important determine who it is that we are and what type of life that we will lead. In addition, our specific and personal decisions, in turn, influence our families, communities, states, country and the world.   If enough people decide to take a certain action, they can change the world. Revolution, war, progress, and enlightenment are all largely the products of individual choice.  We see this today with all of the protest marches, rallies and gatherings for everything from politics, to race relations, to gender issues, etc.

Yet, why do any of us choose what we choose? Sure, some of the things that we choose to do seem out of our control. For example, eating, working and sleeping all appear to be mandatory and, to some extent, they are; however, we even have choices in how we will implement those things out of our control.  Other choices seem to be purely voluntary.Learning a new language instead of watching TV or not taking that much-needed walk and deciding to surf Facebook instead are examples of this. Everything we do has a choice tied to it - sure, if you don’t eat, you will die and if you don’t learn how to pay the piano you won’t ever learn. It's our choices that make or break us.  

Choices Within Choices:

What if you ate potato chips and cupcakes every day? Would you survive? In the short term, of course, you would. You would most likely survive for a very long time before the consequences of your poor eating choice caught up with you. Now, what if you never decided to improve yourself by learning a new skill, expanding your personal boundaries or experiencing a different environment or point of view? Would you survive? Again, of course, you would. You would likely survive as long as a person with poor food choices would. However, just like the person with bad eating habits, there would come a time when the consequences of your choices to not live your highest life would become apparent. One set of choices leads to poor physical health. The other set of choices leads to poor spiritual health. In both cases, the result is a poorer quality of life and, in the end, that isn’t what we were put here on earth to do.  We have a purpose and we have a choice to walk in it.

We all should be striving for the highest possible quality of life that we can attain. After all, as far as we know, we only have one life to live. Since this is our present reality, don’t we have an obligation and a right to make this life as rich and full as possible? Don’t we have a corresponding duty to do what we can to make the lives of those around us also as full and rich as possible? How we live our lives speaks volumes to how our lives will be later on in life.  If you smoke, you can pretty much guarantee you will have some type of sickness later in life.  If you exercise and eat healthy, you can bank on being in better physical shape than most of the people you associate with who don't.

Our lives were not meant to live this way - we are born and then we die. We should be building a legacy in between. That is our shared heritage. What we do with our time between those two events is what makes us who we are. Use each day wisely by making positive, thoughtful, deliberate choices to live your absolute highest life possible!

I believe in you - make the right choices for your life!
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