No matter what you do to try to prevent it, there will be times you will face disappointment - it's a fact of life. Your dreams and plans may not go the way you hoped or you will find yourself going down a different path.  You might be able to avoid the discontent of apathy, the darkness of depression or the rage of anger or jealousy, but you can't escape disappointment in some shape or form. It comes from us having expectations, only for them to be dashed against the rocks when the reality we have envisioned does not come true. It does not mean you did something wrong; it does not mean you failed – it could be that life just took a different turn than what you had hoped.  lady with broken car

But, if you experience disappointment, I say feel it – the regret, the discontent, and dissatisfaction - but don’t live in it.  Left to fester without some self-control, disappointment can degenerate into frustration - an emotion that lurks just below the surface of our daily lives and makes everything a rather tense affair. Don’t allow frustration to become your constant companion. You must learn to let them go.  If the car in front is driving too slow, the one behind too fast, the one in the other lane blocking you in. Each and every frustrating experience should be released as soon as possible, because when disappointments stack up they turn into problems.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I know there are times when we experience horrific disappointment.  This takes time to overcome.  However, it too, can be.  You must be open to wanting to let it go. Despite what might seem a rather gloomy situation, learning to cope with disappointment is a sure way to live a happier life, and it's probably one of the easiest emotions to deal with.

First, you should have expectations of what must exist in order for you to be happy.  This is your life and you should make your choices. However, try to see your goals in life as movable. If you don't hit them as and when you expect to, consider giving yourself some slack to hit them another time - or not at all.

guy kneelingDisappointment itself is not wrong.  It is an indication that you have not reached an imagined future. And that’s ok.  You can access where you are and then determine if you will try again – in whatever it is.  Then, live in the moment - in the now. By creating goals then working out the process to reach those goals and committing to the process, regardless of outcome, is how you can move forward in life towards the results you want.  You should do this without attaching your happiness or self-worth to them. Your happiness and self-worth must come from within – your beliefs and your values of who you are and how you see yourself.

So, if you finsad mand yourself disappointed about something, ask yourself: what can you do better next time? Keep asking and answering that question and taking action on the best answers and your disappointments will begin to melt away.

The sooner you accept disappointment as a part of your journey, the easier it will be to let it go.  You can do this – I believe in you!



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