Discover The Proven Ways I Learned To Face Forward And Take My Life From Merely Existing To Passionately Living!

If you want to transform your life and impact your world, effectively utilize your mental faculties to cancel out negative thoughts and create a consistently positive, prosperous life….then this is the most important course you’ll take all year!

Hi, I’m Karen Denise aka Giggy and I get it. You are not satisfied with your life right now – you can’t put your finger on why, but something is missing.  Your life may currently be full of stress, drama and painful circumstances, so much so that you sometimes consider giving up. Or, on the other hand, you could be cruising along but still feeling empty and unfulfilled. I get it – I know exactly what that feels like.

I had a hard life – maybe similar to some of yours. I was starving for love and attention. I could make no sense of my existence and I reacted to whatever life threw at me; however, deep down inside I had this gnawing feeling there had to be more; there had to be a better life!

I can remember being so depressed sometimes that I would sit in the middle of the floor in my room, totally checked out for hours before coming back to the hard, painful reality I wanted so desperately to escape. Then, an amazing transformation took place in my life that started me on the journey I share with you now.  

That old life has become a distant reality and I now live the life of my dreams and I want to help you do the same. I want to share with you how I applied a few, simple techniques to move myself from ‘walking backwards’ to facing forward and taking charge of my life.  These changes helped transform me, gave me direction to do what I needed to do so I could live my life full of happiness and contentment.

Don’t wait over half of your life to change like I did.  You can use the life-changing techniques I discovered NOW through my course, 

Face Forward; No More Walking Through Life Backwards!

I can teach you what took me nearly three decades to learn; how to create a life that you love in just days – yes, DAYS!

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Here are just a few of the things I did once I learned how to Face Forward

  • Earned my college degree, graduating Summa cum laude at age 55
  • Overcame my fear of water and learned to swim 
  • Conquered my fear and went skydiving 
  • Wrote and published my first book at 59
  • Took time out of my schedule to travel extensively; went on my first cruise at 60
  • Studied ballroom and line dancing, yoga and even tried pole dancing! 
  • Changed my eating habits and released excess weight (and keeping it off!)
  • Started life coaching and several online businesses

Now, if I’m able to accomplish all of this, I know that you can, too, no matter what your age (do it now – don’t waste another moment)!

Life can be unpredictable, so much so that we become accustomed to trudging through life with only glimpses of joy here and there.  We get busy taking care of others and making sure they have all they need and want.  But, you put yourself on the back burner.  Deep down, you know there is more; that you want more for your life. But, you feel like giving in to your own desires is selfish because there are so many others to be responsible for.  Or, you just seem to lack the energy and drive to push forward. It’s like you are walking on eggshells, afraid and unable to be your authentic self for fear of being criticized or minimized, or even worse – failing.  You don’t know what your purpose is or why you are even here. It’s like you just can’t win.  So what do you do?  You walk through life backwards; letting circumstances hit you at every turn – reacting rather than responding.  Merely existing instead of actively living.

Honestly ask yourself:

  • Do you desire to do better but keep falling back into old, destructive habits?
  • Are you anxious to let go of the past but don’t know how?
  • Are your relationships suffering because of your inability to maintain positive change?
  • Do you feel bombarded at times by thoughts that keep you stuck where you are?
  • Have you tried other programs and courses and still not achieved all that you want?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are ready for my course, Face Forward, No More Walking Through Life Backwards!

In this course, I guide you to the highest life right now, right where you are.  You can make deliberate changes that make you feel good about YOU!  But not just any old changes. I have a process to take your life from where it is today and transform it into the best life you can imagine.

I wanted a better life and I found it. And once I found it, I pressed into it with all the vigor and strength I could muster. It was a wonderful, freeing experience that impacted me for the better forever.  Now, it’s my life goal to share this with others and that means you.

kristal-reagan-bio-headshotYou know it’s funny, I walk around saying all the time I’m walking through my days and life backwards. Thinking about negative past events that I can’t do anything about, and simply catching up from the previous day or week because I let so many negative thoughts cloud my mind that I fail to get things done. When you’re walking around like that every day you wonder if you’re alone, and then Karensent me word of her Face Forward Modules. WOW! exactly what I needed to hear and strategies I need to get me through those negative situations (that I tend to create all by myself) and to get me
through that negative self talk. It won’t happen over night but she has great acronyms to share that are helping me consciously think before I act and I WILL be teaching this to my kids as well! My favorite module is Module 3: GNATs. I will start implementing these strategies today and I will be making posters to post around the house for the whole family. Thank you Karen, this is an awesome set of Modules to help anyone Walk Forward in their life!~Kristal, Raleigh NC

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You may have already worked on your personal development, even taken other courses, and that is great.  However, if you are still reading this, it’s because you know in your heart that there is even more.

So, if you are ready, and I mean REALLY READY to take action to pursue a more meaningful life for you and those you love, then, I am here to help. 

(I say you must be REALLY READY because I can recall times when I said I wanted to change, but I was not quite ready to do the work required.  I challenge you to move beyond what is familiar, make the decision to do whatever it takes and refuse to stay stuck any longer!)

And, don’t listen to that negative nagging in your mind, or anybody who tries to talk you out of doing what it takes to move forward.  This is about YOU!  Make your own decision to ‘go for it’.  Don’t ask for opinions or suggestions from others– these are your life decisions!

Your Face Forward Course has three modules:

Module 1: Think

  • Learn how to maintain control over yourself and your surroundings.
  • Regain your innate authority and magnificence.
  • Make choices that are best for you.
  • Understand how to harness the Principle of Thought so you can transform your life and impact the world.

Module 2: S.T.O.P. 

  • Activate the tools and techniques to think your way into success.
  • Effectively utilize the six aspects of your mental faculties.
  • Identify and remove hindrances so you can live deliberately and purposefully.
  • Master my S.T.O.P. process to live proactively.

Module 3: Weeds and G.N.A.T.S.: 

  • Successfully cancel out negative thoughts.
  • Create a positive, enjoyable and fun life.
  • Feel at calm and peace in every area of your life.
  • Use my G.N.A.T.S. process to fully support successful thinking

So, are you ready to get started? Click the button below and let’s go on this journey together.



Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get With Your Face Forward Course:

  • Three audio training modules that includes insights, teaching points and techniques that will immediately begin to change your life.
  • Downloadable exercises for you to complete that will solidify what you heard on the training modules.
  • Ongoing access to the Face Forward audios so you can listen over and over again as you continue to move your life forward.
  • Access to future programs specials only available to you upon completion of the Program.

All of this carries a real value of $197

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ericka-jamesI had a blast going through your course!  Congratulations on creating such a powerful product! I know it will deeply change lives!

Ericka D. James
The Results Accelerator
Founder, The Convergence Center LLC,

June 30, 2016

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Act immediately and you will also receive a downloadable copy of my very first book, Empower Yourself and Change Your Health: Seven Easy Steps to a More Vibrant You.  This book will provide you great support in improving your health.  It is a great companion to the Face Forward course in helping you live your absolute highest life.


 And of course you’re protected with our…

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If “Face Forward: No More Walking Through Life Backwards” doesn’t show you exactly how to harness the Principle of Thought so you can create a positive, enjoyable life, then you will receive a full refund.  I would want to know why, however, because I am fully confident that this program works!

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Thank you Karen Denise for making this course!  Your compassion for us to have a better life is so strong yet it comes across in such a gentle manner.  I had been struggling with unhealthy thoughts for decades.  Always worrying and expecting the worst.  I could not even enjoy watching my daughter play on the playground because I was always worried she would fall and get seriously injured.  But after going through this course I have learned how to let go of those crippling thoughts and just enjoy my life.  Now when “gnats” come I just swat them away.  It is so freeing to now be walking through life Facing Forward.  I am not teaching my daughter how to get rid of her negative thoughts.

April 24, 2017

One More Thing

 I know you are probably thinking this, so let’s get it on the table:  what if this is just another trick to get your hard-earned money?  Another attempt by an internet marketing scammer who provides little to no value?  I hope you don’t think that of me, but, to be honest, this is exactly why I am offering this course. I know how these negative thoughts creep in and try to keep us stuck.  Sometimes as a whisper, sometimes as a shout, they rationalize us out of many opportunities for growth by telling us to ‘play it safe’ rather than risk positive change.  When these thoughts come, typically, 3 scenarios arise:

Option #1: You choose not to purchase the course.  In this scenario, you will never know if what I have to offer would have worked for you.  And, that is your right.  I would be disappointed because I really believe I can help you, but you have every right to choose this option.  However, my plea to you would be to find another course, seek counseling or coaching somewhere else…just don’t give up on yourself. I truly do want the best for you as you deserve it.

Option #2: You purchase the course, and maybe even start the course, but you don’t finish.  The old thoughts convince you that it is too long, too short, too basic, too complicated…you get the drift.  You start, and even find some value, but then let it go by the wayside.  That would be sad, but at least you would have tried and maybe you will come back to it later.

Option #3: You purchase the course, and follow it to completion.  Obviously, this is the best option, for your life will definitely improve.  You will learn tools to utilize as necessary and before you know it, your life and the lives of those you love will be greatly improved because you would be making these deliberate changes.  You will be proud to be living your highest live possible!

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Karen Denise aka Giggy

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