One of the things I love about Facebook (besides the millions of friends who give you birthday shout-outs) is finding absolutely awesome videos to enjoy and share with others; some inspirational, some funny, some that make you angry or sad.  Facebook opens up a whole new world and I mean that literally. Especially in this time of Olympics.

Tonight, I was fortunately enough to see several amazing videos of the Olympics.  I did not get a chance to watch them last night and was grateful that I could catch the highlights on Facebook.  I didn't have to go to the TV news, sift through all the rhetoric to catch a glimpse of a performance that would be reduced down to 3.5 seconds.  I found some great videos and commentary that was just to my taste and length.

One of the highlights was this amazing video of Dominique Dawes:

WOW!  That leaves me breathless!

Like I said, I could watch this all night and not have to sift out commercials or soundbites.  THANK YOU, FACEBOOK!

So, next time someone tells you that Facebook is a distraction, not useful or is from the devil, just remember that you probably would not be reading this if I couldn't post it on Facebook!

Blessings and remember, I believe in you!

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