When You Find Yourself Stuck in Unforgiveness

Stuck man  Sometimes things happen to us - horrible, hurting, painful things.  We see them coming at times but at other times they come from out of nowhere; that stinging comment, unexplainable alienation, or downright 'in your face' vocal eruption.  When it happens, we can be left numb or totally baffled.

This is the time when you feel that you've turned your life over to anger and resentment. When something happens to you that turns your life upside down or inside out, it's difficult to remember a time when you were happy and you greeted each day with enthusiasm and positivity. It's especially difficult to overcome when you've been hurt by someone you love.

You may perceive that holding on to the anger and grief grants you a certain power that you wouldn't have if you forgave the transgression and let go of the anger and confusion. The truth is that forgiveness can give you a new lease on life without the burden of thinking constantly about how and why you were wronged.

Once you learn that forgiveness is not excusing or condoning the act or letting the person back into your life, it may be easier to enjoy the benefits of the true meaning of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is actually a gift you can give yourself to restore your life to some kind of normalcy that lets you enjoy the good things and not let the bad stuff get you down or keep you from happiness and fulfillment. It is a process you must choose and work toward and not a sudden awakening that urges you to let the person off the hook. You have to be deliberate and purposeful in choosing to forgive. Forgiveness can be a powerful ally in your life and is critical if you plan to restore relationships and/or carry on with your life rather than wallow in self-pity.

When you forgive, you're taking the penalties of what happened off yourself and making the decision to rid your mind of thoughts of revenge and anger and choose instead the happy and peaceful memories that lie in the future.
With forgiveness, you'll restore mental acuity, say goodbye to headaches and many aches and pains and open yourself to relationships with others. We don't realize how much unforgiveness wreaks havoc on our bodies.  You may not be able to trust someone immediately, but forgiveness helps you work toward trust and openness based on honesty and respect.stairs

You may not be ready to forgive, and, that's okay. But, you can begin to take the steps working toward forgiveness and enjoy the journey. Making that decision will immediately free you from some of the destructive feelings you may be experiencing.

If your life has been shaken by a transgression from someone you trusted and loved, forgiveness is a path to restoring your life so that you're open and your spirit is ready to experience life again.

So, allow yourself to forgive others and even yourself so that you can move forward into your highest life.  You deserve it!

Remember, I believe in you!

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