Have you ever decided to attempt to reach a goal and tried to do it on your own?  If so, then you know how challenging it can be to stay motivated and supported. It’s not impossible, but having a goal buddy can really help out.

There are plenty of people who have similar goals as you. Maybe not exactly as what you are looking to accomplish, but close enough to share. This person or persons may be someone worth looking at for a partner to help you hang in there until your goal is reached.

painting-1535350_1280A goal buddy is someone that can help keep you on track and you can return the favor by keeping them on track. It is someone who can help motivate you when you are not feeling up to taking the required actions towards your goals. A goal buddy can also help out by keeping a list of actions you need to take to achieve your goals, and you will have the same for him or her. You can both provide these if you want.  Of course, this much detail is not required.

Agree upfront on the type of relationship you will have with your goal buddy. Are you going to check in with each other daily? Maybe all you need is to check in weekly. Decide the means on how you are going to communicate. Are you going to phone each other or will you do it via email or text? Doing it via email can leave an audit trail, which can be good if any disputes arise.

You may choose a friend for your goal buddy but if you do, make sure they are trying to accomplish similar goals. Sometimes, though, it may be worth it to find someone you don’t know to act as your goal buddy. Not only will you make a new friend, but the person may be less forgiving than someone you know. It’s easier to tell a family member or good friend that you are not in the mood and to leave you alone, which defeats the purpose of having someone who is supposed to keep you on track.

friends-1015312_1280Being in constant contact with each other keeps pushing you to your goal.  For me, I have a health coach that is provided to me by my job.  I like talking to her and when I know our time is coming up, I feel the pressure to ensure I have done what I committed so that I can be excited about sharing it.  It’s psychological, but it works.  With a goal buddy, you have the added benefit of being the one putting on the gentle pressure to help your buddy accomplish something as well.

When you both complete the goals you set up for each other, consider having a celebration. This can help solidify the new friendship or deepened friendship, and it lets you reward each other for your accomplishments. If it turns out that one of you didn’t make it to the specified goal, consider having the party after that person completes it. This way, there are no hard feelings during the celebration.

The greatest part about having someone complete the same goals as you are they will know what you are going through. It’s a comradery that is difficult for outsiders to understand but when you are doing the same thing, you can ‘feel each other’s pain’. You can both bounce ideas and suggestions off each other as well as pick each other up when problems come up.  You can have lots of laughter as you share similar ways you ‘almost gave up’ or actually did.  No condemnation here, though, because you understand each other.

You can have more than one goal buddy, but it’s probably better to keep the number as small as possible. Communication can be confusing enough between two people, let alone five or six.  If you do belong to an accountability group, it does have it’s place as you hear more perspecitves and more inspiration.  For me, I have both.  I love being able to inspire others and I like the idea of being held to my commitment by my goal buddy.

I know you can accomplish any goal you put your mind to – I believe in you!

So, who do you have in mind for yours?