My post tonight is very different.  I usually talk about how to make yourself and others feel good all the time, living your highest life.

This post, I dedicate to Gabby Douglas.  I don't know much about her because, honestly, I did not follow the Olympics like most others did.  I would see her and other great women do amazing feats of wonder when I got on Facebook or turned on the TV news.

She amazes me!  I love her style and poise.  And the long, hard hours she had to put in to get her where she is today!  How blessed her family must feel to be a part of her life.

Then, the 'shame on us' part.  When I read how horribly people were treating her on social media, my heart a woman and as a mother, and grandmother.  My arms ache to hold her, tell her it's OK and not to pay any attention to those bullies.

Shame on us as a people, the human race, for being able to viciously attack someone so innocent.  I feel the shame.

I also feel the rage - the rage that a mom must suppress when her baby girl is being attacked.  Rage, that her friends and anyone who sees beyond this pettiness feel when they see her lovely face.

If I could talk to Gabby right now, I would tell her it's going to be OK, she can get through this.  Just forgive the ignorant ones and move on.  Somehow, though, I know it may be difficult for her, at her age - the age of wanting to be accepted, of wanting to belong.  Somehow, the longing is misplaced, though - toward the wrong people, the wrong crowd to accept her.

So, as Gabby is loved through this time, I ask us all to pray for Gabby.  Send her much love through the universe. Speak her name in love and acceptance, so that the negativity that has been floating around will no longer affect her; that it will cease.

Here is a great article from Ebony online.  It shares hearts of concern for Gabby and much love.

Gabby Douglas and the Danger of Call-Out Culture

Blessings, Gabby - I believe in you!


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