Hi, I have a gift for you.  It's my free ebook called Take Back Your Power!
This book is short, but smart.  It contains tips that, if used, can help you turn your life around and begin to live deliberately and purposefully.  This is something I created some years (ummm...decades) ago.  I used it to teach children how to behave more appropriately in class.  It quickly became my daily habit as an adult and I have used it to  help others ever since.  Sometimes the simplest things can help us the most.  Think about the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Sweetie!) 🙂
Here is the first step in the S.T.O.P process:
The first thing you learn in order to take back your power is that you must S. T. O. P.
and that acronym stands for:
  • Stop

  • Thinkstop fooling yourself 2

  • Open

  • Perform

Step One: S for Stop

 The S is for just that--STOP!

  • When faced with adversity, a bully or even if your partner, child or parent are in your face and in your space – just STOP...you don’t have to react just because they are acting like a nut.
  • You can remain in control of you. So instead of reacting to their inappropriate actions, STOP, stand still, take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out…
  • and, yes - it’s ok to look at them like they have lost their mind - just don’t say anything!

Even if you have to walk away to get out of the ‘line of fire’, do it. STOP!  Don't allow others to get under your skin and cause you to do something you regret.  Rather than 'giving them a piece of your mind', keep your mind in tact and let them be the one who sweats! Just STOP! 

Get my free ebook for the rest of the tips on taking back your power!

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And remember, I believe in you!