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Giggyism:  a saying by Giggy the Grandmother that inspires, motivates or provokes others to think or ponder.

These are sayings that come to me at different times and I post them for inspiration.  Sometimes on a blog post, sometimes on social media and other times in articles or books.

I'm grateful I get these 'bursts of wisdom' and am honored to share them with you.

Do you use your own thoughts and inspiration to motivate others?  If not, why not? Using your own sayings is just as powerful, if not more, than sharing quotes from the 'famous'.  Reason being is that it helps others get to know you and how you think.  Might not get you as many likes or tweets but for those who support and follow you, it adds to their enjoyment.

If you wonder how I get my inspiration or even how I create my posts, drop a note below and I will quickly respond.

And, in the meantime, here are a few more Giggyisms to enjoy!

Chapter 4 dont give up - Copy

Chapter1 Hold on Chapter3 stillness Giggy8




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As you can see from my Giggyisms, I believe in you!