Giving Back to Others Through Mentoring and Coaching

KK (41)(Here is my reason for doing what I do):

Are you ready to hear the truth ‘in love’?

Do you want to hear a message that not only inspires, but challenges you to move forward?

Are you ready for unconditional acceptance and encouragement from one who has ‘been there’?

Then, look no more – Karen Denise aka Giggy, is the speaker you want at your next event!

Karen Denise tells it like it is, from her experiences of being a teenage mom, domestic abuse, addictions and misguided religion to being a highly successful entrepreneur, business professional, minister and grandmother of 16! There is not much ‘Giggy’ has not gone through and because of that, she pours out empathy on her audience. Her style is straightforward and full of hilarious stories that will touch your heart and funny bone.

Along with that empathy, however, is the wisdom to help you ‘stop walking backwards’ and face life.

I will give you viable tools and techniques so you will not only leave motivated, you will leave equipped to take your life to the highest level.

If you'd like to invite Karen to speak at your next event you can contact her at 919.423.4940 or