Are you having a hard time changing an unwanted habit?

Do you want to see improvement over a habit you have but don't seem to do it?

Check out these great articles that describe how to change habits (I don't know these authors; I just enjoyed their articles and wanted to share):

Habit Creep: The Gradual and Reasonable Way to Improve Yourself

  1. This article talks about taking the 'lifestyle creep' concept and applying it to bad habits you want to get rid of.

Based on the article, here are two ways to habit creep:

In my experience, there are two primary ways to change long-term behaviors and improve performance for good.

1.  Increase your performance by a little bit each day. (Most people take this to the extreme.)

2.  Change your environment to remove small distractions and barriers. (Most people never think about this.)


Habit Creep: The Gradual and Reasonable Way to Improve Yourself

This article gives even more great detail on how to change old habits.  I really like this statement in the article:

I say forget that stuff. Just improve your normal day and the results will take care of themselves. We naturally make long-term changes in our lives by slowly and slightly adjusting our normal everyday habits and behaviors.

So, another way to start to change your habits is to read the 4 steps in my free eBook, Take Back Your Power!


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