So, you will like this shift I did to remove negativity!  This video contains 3 tips you can take to shift that thinking; and, as a bonus, I added Part 4 video which has a topic all it's own.  Listen and be blessed!

This video provides several tips on increasing positivity.  They seem simple, and they are; however, if you use them you will see big changes in your life over time.  Some of the simplest things in life become the hardest for us to do because we don't take them seriously.  That is to our detriment.  I implore you to follow these tips and allow yourself to move into the best life you deserve.

Next, is video #4 - on one topic:  FORGIVENESS.  This is HUGE and yet so many people don't even think about it.  They walk around with grudges all the time.  Listen to this short video and let it impact your life for the better!

I know you enjoyed these videos and if you take them seriously, they will change your life.  Let me know your thoughts on these tips.

Blessings and, remember, I believe in you!

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