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Meet Your Advisor

Hi there, I'm Karen Denise aka Giggy and I know first hand that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and live your highest life. I also know that your past does not have to define you.

Life for me was challenging as it has been for many, and moving past some of the memories that try to hold you captive can take all of your strength and power.  I used to walk backwards through life because I did not want to face reality.  I am blessed to say that I did overcome through hard work, discovering my purpose, support of great mentors and never giving up.  Now, I believe in living life to the fullest and helping others do the same!

My Accomplishments

  • Earned my college degrees at age 52 (graduating Summa cum laude)
  • Overcame my fear of water and learned to swim at the age of 54
  • Went indoor skydiving on my 55th birthday
  • Wrote and published my first book at 59
  • Travel extensively and experienced my first cruise at 60 (had a blast!)
  • Learned ballroom dancing, Zumba, yoga, line dancing (even tried pole dancing!) all after my 45th birthday

My Passion

I’m passionate about helping you fulfill your highest life because you deserve it.  I believe every person has a purpose and the potential to live it out. However, life waits for no one, you must be courageous and go after it!  I want to support you in taking the reins and owning your life like you’ve always wanted! I don’t believe in holding back.

From my many years of life’s experiences and opportunities, I have developed a non-judgmental approach to life.  In my coaching and counseling,  teaching and speaking, it is immediately evident that I ‘get you’.  I don't judge, as I know how 'ugly' life can get.  I accept you unconditionally and will motivate you to thrive.  My compassion is evident in my books, songs, and poetry.

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My Life

From a very early age, I suffered abuse at the hands of adults - things no child should ever experience.  This left me scarred and terribly afraid of adults and life in general. I grew into a young woman without the ability to say ‘no’ and because of that, I attracted those who would continue to abuse me.  I became pregnant at sixteen and felt terrified having to take care of my son.  Life was challenging and difficult as a teenage mom, but I survived.  I turned to the church for comfort, only to find that the man-made rules kept me from the unconditional love waiting for me from God. Lost and defeated, and believing I was destined for destruction, I gave up.  I entered into physically abusive relationships, became dependent on drugs and alcohol and was not a very good mom to my son.  I stayed in an inebriated state just to survive.  The one thing I had, however, was my "good-paying government job".  Making a decent income at such a young age helped me get through some pretty tough times, even though I made many dumb financial choices. Through it all, I was blessed to have some genuine, caring people come into my life at crucial times who helped me along the way.

When I had all but succumbed to this meager existence, a wonderful spiritual transformation occurred and I realized that unconditional love, acceptance. and forgiveness was available to me!  I immediately embraced this Truth and my life changed instantly! From a drug and alcohol addict to a spiritual fanatic!  Thus began the slow, sometimes painful journey to a life of wholeness, peace, joy and love.  Once I realized this was available for me and anyone else who reached out for it, I knew it was my destiny to share this with others. And this is what I do!

Education and Experience

  • Degrees in Organizational Psychology & Development and Human Resources Management
  • Teacher and counselor for over 30 years
  • Author
  • Certified Health, Life and Business coach
  • Over 30 years  in entrepreneurship
  • Personal development, inspirational/motivational speaker
  • Certifications and training with Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Venus Opal Reese, David Perdew, Deanna Hamilton
  • Decades of experience as facilitator and leader of groups such as Adult Children of Alcoholics, Survivors of Abuse, Prison Ministry, Single Mom’s Ministry
  • Over 25 years as a corporate consultant on human resources/employee relations and workplace dynamics
  • Associations: True Value of a Woman, School of Influence  (KCI), Agape Accountability Group, The Real Lives of the Women of Raleigh
  • Volunteer with various non-profit organizations

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