I think this is a fair question.  There are millions of people blogging online every single day.  What makes them do this?  It takes time, thought and energy to do this consistently.  And sometimes the post doesn't even get read.

So, why do it?  I think there are a myriad of reasons why:

Some people blog just for fun - they enjoy sharing with others.

Some people blog to build a following - they are looking to build a list of people they can offer their services or advice or knowledge to.  Hoping the list will lead to engagement, then to commitment, then possibly to sales.

Some people blog to get stuff off of their chest - they rant, share their views on politics, religion, sports and anything else they want to blow off steam about.

What about Giggy?  Why am I out here?  To tell you the truth, my initial reason to be out here was to connect with the world.  It intrigues me to know that I am being noticed by the entire globe; that I may have a tiny positive impact on someone through social media or my website that I would otherwise never have the opportunity.

Over time, I began to accept what so many had been telling me; that I had a story to tell and with that story comes tools, tips and techniques I can share with others so they can live their highest life.

So I have authored a few books, started speaking at live events, held my own live events and webinars and on and on.  This journey is right smack in the middle of my purpose.  I am here to teach others who already know they want a better life and are willing to do what it takes to experience it.  I do this through being authentic, baring my past so that others know they are not alone.  I also help my clients  'birth their book' so they can get unstuck from their past obstacles and demons.

On the flip side, I love sharing my life experiences, my excursions and travels, what I learn from others and words of darn wayencouragement.  I share my 'Giggyisms' almost daily; a way to offer encouragement and support.  I have been doing this for a few years now, so have a pretty big stash of them to share.

I also share tips on how to turn your dull existence into a full, exciting life; all by making a few tiny changes to your current lifestyle.  Understanding why you do what you do is the biggest step to changing.  Then, believing you can change and, finally, being willing to do what is required to have that fantastic life.

A lot of my followers are entrepreneurs.  These brave people know there is a better life for them and are working diligently to make it a reality.  However, there are times they are stuck, times they need a nudge (or even a push!) or just someone to walk alongside them.  This is where I shine.  To see the joy, the relief, the excitement that life can and is getting better for them lights me up like a sun!  My purpose is to make this happen and when they succeed, I succeed.

That is  my reason for blogging.  What's yours?

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Blessings!  And remember, I believe in you!