We all run into obstacles at some point in our lives. We can be riding along, without a care in the world, when suddenly we are faced with an obstacle – could be a traffic jam, an accident, or construction.  Either way, it causes our plans to be disrupted.  And, depending on your destination, the level of your anxiety will be low or high.

I see so many times in life that people are not prepared for obstacles and it causes them to stumble, which result in them becoming frustrated, angry, sad or bitter.  But when you discover that obstacles can be opportunities, you will be better prepared to handle them.

Let's use riding to a destination, for example - if you plan well, you will build extra time into your trip to reach your destination.  This one small thing could prevent you from arriving as late as you would have if you left in' just enough time'.  This  is a small example, but it is one that can help.  I remember making the decision that I would start giving myself extra time rather than leaving ‘right on time’ for any trip so as to prepare for the unexpected.  There have been times it really worked out. I sometimes might get there early, but I would feel so relaxed.  When I am rushing to get to a destination, especially if an obstacle greets me, I arrive feeling hectic and embarrassed if I walk in late.

Here’s another example that is more serious.  Many people are plagued with alcohol addiction. Some will come to terms with it and decide to seek out help for their situation. This is not an easy decision and it takes courage.  However, when they are on the road to recovery they sometimes use their experience to help others.  It can be as simple as being there for someone who is still struggling. Other times, they will participate or hold events about their experiences in the hope that others will see they are not alone and that help is available.  By doing this, the once seemingly impossible obstacle has become a catalyst to becoming a giver and supporter of others.

When we are faced with obstacles, we are tempted to wish they would just go away; which seldom works because we need to take action to overcome them. Simply ignoring your problems thinking they will somehow manage to solve themselves only makes your situation worse and keeps you in denial. The good news is, in many cases, when you come up with a plan for your obstacles you will find you can overcome them.  This is a turning point in your life!

Another opportunity in obstacles is the strength that you obtain during the process of solving them. You will learn a lot about yourself and your obstacle(s) during this difficult time. I suggest my clients document what they are going through and consider if they want to make it into a book that could be used to help others overcome.

A book could really benefit those who are going through the same and my clients could supplement their income in the process. One caution when writing that book - you have to make sure that you don’t hurt others as a result of detailing your life's experiences.

Lastly, join groups where people have dealt with the same obstacles you are dealing with. This is huge! Others who are a step ahead of you can offer suggestions or point you to the right programs or solutions. However, be aware that sometimes people in these types of groups are bitter, angry and spend all their time complaining and blaming others.  If you walk into a group like that, then walk right back out!  Finding a positive group can also help you make new friends and even establish future connections or professional endeavors.

Bottom line, in every obstacle, know that there is a solution; and most of the time, you do not have to solve it on your own.  But, if back to my first example of a hiccup in traffic; overcome that obstacle by turning on some upbeat music, listening to something inspirational, motivational or better yet, take that time to pray!



Don’t let obstacles stop you!
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