In today’s highly competitive environment, it is not easy to be yourself, to be original.  Everywhere you turn, you experience someone else’s clothes, shoes, mannerisms, music, design and words that are bombarding you to drop yourself and imitate them.  If you are not diligent, you too can become a robot, a machine that only operates through someone else’s input.

How Unique Are You?

How are you differentiating yourself from others? It’s an important question and one that a lot of people do not take the time to answer.  For example, if you have a business, do you look for products or services that are the same as everyone else, or do you look for something unique and original?  Better yet, do you create something unique and original?  Being original means thinking outside of the box, finding a problem and then being the solution.  Once you do that, you are on your way to finding your purpose, to discovering what makes you tick.

What do you like?  What makes you angry? What makes you cry or makes your heart ache?  These could possibly be hints to finding out what you were created to solve.  When you see a need, do you immediately see a way to solve it?  Do you tell others the answer, maybe over a drink or in a casual conversation?  If that is so, perhaps you are sharing your gift; that thing you can improve upon or that person you can help.  Think about it.

What you don’t want to do is settle for being generic.  You want to be the BRAND NAME, the original because that is why you were created.  Inside you is a gift so big, a person so huge, who has a solution to part of the global problem, if only they would dare to dream.  Or, you can be a knock-off, a copy of someone else’s dream, someone else’s brand.  Don’t get me wrong, even on a job you can still be original.  Your BRAND is how you approach each situation; how you interact with others, what power you bring as you advance into the room.  Knowing you are an original, I mean really knowing it, will exude off you like light and energy – everyone will see and feel it!  

Become Yourself!

So, I challenge you today to become yourself!  Find your purpose and step boldly into it. Be the best mom out there, the most available dad, the loyal employee or dependable ministry worker.  Whatever you do that puts you into the ‘zone’ and has others appreciating and following you; that is your BRAND.  That is you, becoming YOU.

I know you are in there…come out, come out, wherever you are!

I believe in you!
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