Are You Experiencing Constant Overwhelm?

Overwhelming emotions can be a sign of burnout on the way and must be taken very seriously. It’s more than I think I need a nap…or if they would just ‘leave me alone’, I’ll be ok…  Overwhelm is a sign that you need to stop and reassess your life before it has you flat on your back.  Unfortunately, overwhelming emotions also bring their cousins to the party: tiredness, aches and pains, and overall stress.

What are someof the symptom of overwhelm?  Often, you'll experience that feeling of everything happening at once when you weren't even prepared for one thing to happen. For example, you'll feel as if your partner is expecting too much of you, your kids are out to get you, your boss wants to fire you, you can't keep up with your workload, your best friend is too needy right now—the list could go on and on, right?

I'm sure you understand where I am going with this. In general, you can't keep up with other people's demands of you, let alone your own. And it just keeps on coming. Who has time to read a blog on self-improvement at a time like this! We’re too busy just getting through the day.

The problem is, that when you don't break down all these big obstacles into small, tiny, manageable chunks and start knocking them off your "to deal with" list, the situation is not going to benefit you in the end and you will find yourself spiraling further and further down.  This is not the result you want.  You want to live your highest life!

Identifying What We Do When We Merely React:

lady with bottle  One coping strategy that we use is to disassociate yourself from events with a kind of emotional numbness. It seems easier just to withdraw than it is to tackle events head on. The problem with this strategy is that it is a learned helplessness. You are literally teaching yourself to continue behaving this way until sooner or later, catastrophe strikes, like a car accident atorvastatin generic. Then, you remember you did not take the ten minutes to renew your insurance all those months ago. Dang!

You may have experience or are experiencing one or more of the following: alcohol, drugs, risky sex, gambling – these are all methods of numbing yourself that bring their own potential disasters into your life. And the more you engage in these destructive behaviors, the greater the temptation to keep numbing your feelings in an effort to ignore them.

This numbness of emotion is one of the most dangerous emotional instabilities there is, because of the potential for far-reaching consequences. Burying emotions will only make them grow stronger in the soil you've dug for them. It also forces other emotions to take over when they have no place in the situation, such as getting pissed off with someone when they are being perfectly reasonable but you are in denial about an issue.  This behavior is a real solid indicator of emotional numbness – you can’t face what you are doing to yourself, so you blame others.

The solution is up to you:

There's only one way out of this mess: recognize the situation and accept that it is happening. Don't ignore it. Just patiently observe when a situation makes you want to bury your head in the sand.

Make a decision that next time that situation occurs you will deal with it differently, and move forward one difference at a time.

Index finger pointing forward

I tell my clients that when they start pointing their finger at someone else, remember there are three pointing back at them.  We have to ‘own’ our mess; otherwise, we will continue to repeat it.  Recognizing and owning it is just the first step, however.  You then have to make the decision to change.

More to come…

Keep pursuing the higher life – I believe in you!


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