Can you believe 2017 is here already?  Wow, time is zooming by.  That is why it is critical for you to create a plan for your life.  For, without a plan, you will truly be walking through life backward. So, how do we get started?  What’s first?  When you set out to plan for the new year, you will need to factor in several components, especially for your business.  Enjoy these tips to develop your plan for your highest life in 2017.  All of these may not be applicable but some of the more common ones are covered here.

Steps to Consider:

Review last year’s plan (if you had one).

  • Determine what aspects of the plan worked and which were not as successful.
  • Where did you excel and where did you fall short?
  • How often did you have to alter your plan?
  • Analyze how well you kept to the allocated budget.
  • Decide which activities and events you would like to carry over to your 2017 plan and which one you should delete.

For business:

  • Determine if you are going to develop new products or if you are going to strengthen the ones you currently have. If you are a service-based business, you may want to increase some of your offerings.
  • Validate if the pricing structure you implemented will still be accurate for 2017 or if you may have to increase/decrease the prices due to such factors like demand and inflation.

For Life:

  • Determine how your relationship and family goals fared over the last year. Is there anything you should change or do differently?
  • Did you spend enough time with your family?
  • Should you build in more time for vacation or relaxation?
  • Are there toxic friends you need to distance yourself from?

Update your skills. This will always benefit your business and your personal life. If you don’t improve your skills and habits, you could make your business obsolete and your personal life stagnant. You will be well served to find ways to improve constantly. Schedule 3-4 business and at least 1-2 personal development events for 2017.  This could be through webinars, reading books, attending live events or getting a coach.

Plan for the nurturing of your customers. It is so much easier to keep existing customers happy than have to find new customers. Existing customers know you and have come to trust you. New customers have no idea about you and will not have that trust developed. They will be skeptical about buying from you initially. By keeping existing customers happy, you reduce the costs needed for customer acquisition. The same goes for friends and social connections – nurture these folks and they will be your friend for life. 

Assess if you require funding for your business or your personal passion. If you do, you will need to determine where that money will come from.

  • Will you raise money from your existing product sales or are you going to come up with a campaign to raise capital? If you need to raise capital, you may need to create a business plan for funders to analyze. If you are raising money or soliciting for your non-profit or service, you will want to consider different sources such as corporations, churches, grants and other non-profits.
  • Research various sources that may provide money. Some business take the very unconventional approach such as crowdfunding which makes it easier for smaller businesses to get needed funding.

Planning for 2017 or any endeavor can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the game.  A coach, either business or life, can be a smart investment to make to help ensure you get on track and stay on track.  You can get a free 30-minute consultation from me to determine if we are a good match.  Check me out at  If you like what you see, schedule a free coaching session here.



Whatever you decide to do, know that I believe in you!

When you plan and activate that plan, you will feel successful and on top of the world - like my grandson, JJ!

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