My friends, 2017 is already upon us!  Are you ready for 2017?  I'm not so sure...

It seemed only a week ago, that I was declaring (as I have done almost every year of my adult life) that I would not overeat at Thanksgiving again.  Only to chuckle to myself, as I remember all those goodies and mindless eating as everyone chatted and laughed way too hard.  I love being with family.

As I get older, time goes so very fast - a year seems like a few months; sometimes I have to stop and ask 'what happened to October?'  The weeks pass almost as fast as days and when most people are getting ecstatic over 'hump Wednesday', I am wondering where it went.  Nevermind dates - unless I am checking my phone or computer, I barely keep up with them anymore.

Make Every Moment Count:

I shared all of that to let you know that time truly waits for no one.  It's not just a cute saying.  Time is something we all have equal amounts of; yet time seems to 'cheat' a bit as you get older - it speeds up!  Or so it seems.  That is why you must make every moment count.  Whatever you have been dreaming about and not taking action on, this is the time to get it done.  Don't procrastinate a moment longer for you never know if you will get that dream back or have the opportunity to fulfill it.

As I look back on my life, I don't have regrets, but I do have some sadness for things I did not accomplish.  I don't regret how my life turned out; I believe everything that happened helped to build me into the powerful woman I am today (no bragging, just fact :)).  The painful things I endured made me stronger, more determined to do better and get out of situations that attributed to that lifestyle.  Those memories almost seem like a dream, they are so far removed from my consciousness.  God is indeed good.

However, I do have a tinge of sadness for not going to college earlier, for not listening to a dear friend tell me not to make that investment, for not being more mindful of consequences, etc.  But, again, these are all learnings, things that shape you for the better for the future.  So you forgive yourself and move on.

2017 - A New Beginning:

So, here we are now at 2017; leaving 2016 behind.  And what a year it was - so many painful human disasters, massive political change and upheavals, distrust and disappointment in the agencies that are sworn to protect and serve us, loss of legends and greats, personal losses, etc., etc.  Although each year brings its own change, 2016 seemed to have an overabundance of atrocities that we were all made vividly aware of through social and other media.

It's no wonder folks are saying good riddance to 2016. Some are even doubting 2017 will be any better.

I beg to differ on both accounts.  I think if you take some time and think about the positive things that happened in 2016, you will see that, although there were a lot of negatives, a lot of good things took place as well.

Sweet little babies were born                    baby-boy

You probably traveled somewhere because gas prices went down

Stock market went up

You are not homeless

You probably have a car, food in the fridge and friends to kick back with

The African American museum opened in Washington, DC

Cuba opened up

Laughing young female friends sitting on sofa

There were more funny videos on Youtube and Facebook that made you crack up laughing! 

I've learned over the years that some people need help bringing in a new year.  They let their minds wander and take them all over the place.  If you set some goals or steps of action for the new year, it helps you have a positive focal point and keep you from dwelling too much on the negative.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of books on purpose, vision and living life deliberately that you have access to.  One of my favorites is Power in Vision by Dr. Myles Munroe.  Get it here.

See?  All it takes is to look for it; look for the things that were positive and you will find them.  That's why I am so excited about 2017.  It will be full of positive things as well.  Yes, I know there will be negative things to contend with; unknowns we will have to 'wait and see' on; carryover of the negativity from 2016...BUT...there will also be more life, more fun, more blessings in each day if you but look for it.

Am I the eternal optimist?  Probably.  But, what I am speaking is true. You can choose to live a higher life; the best life.  It's up to you.  I even wrote a short ebook about facing life that could help you change your view - it's called 'Journey of the Scarf'.  Order it on Kindle here.

My friends, stay on the side of love in 2017...I believe in you!