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The other day I was looking for a book that I  needed to take with me to an event.  I searched everyplace I typically would put my books - bookshelf in bedroom, couple of tables in dining room, small table in living room, office bookshelves - to no avail.  That book was not in my usual 'book drop'.

OK, I thought to myself - now I have to look in unusual places where the book might be, even though they would be in plain sight and I should have seen it by now.  So, bathroom shelf, bedside table, dresser drawers, kitchen counters, fireplace mantle, etc.  Still no book!

Hmmm.....now I start to feel my blood pressure rising and I want to stop that right away.  So, I began to laugh it off, acknowledging this is one of those moments I prefer not to name.  I KNOW the book is in this house; I am obviously overlooking it.  I decide to sit down, get quiet and 'let it come' to me.  After doing this for quite a few minutes, still with no results, I resorted to the 'big guns'.  I decided to pray and ask for help!

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I know, it sounds a bit trite to be praying for help from the Almighty for the location of a book.  And, since no answer came immediately, I just let it go and went to bed.   I slept well, being excited for the event I would be attending the next day - with or without that book.

When I awoke to the alarm in the morning, I started my daily devotions and meditation.  During that time, I saw the book in my mind exactly where it was.  I immediately got up, ran to the main bathroom and looked in the little book stand and there it was!  Now, it was there all the time, however, I did not even think to look in that obvious place where I kept books.  I thanked God for revealing to me and went on my way.  I chuckled and shook my head...

This has become a more often occurrence in my life and I am on a mission to lessen, if not eradicate it all together!

What about you?  Are you concerned about your mind deteriorating as you get older? “Senior moments” can happen to anyone at any age but it seems harder to recall as you get older.  As with anything that has to do with our brains, there are things you can do to prevent them.

Here are a few tips you can put into practice today to help keep your mind sharp.  Mind you, they are simple and well known, but they do work:

Stay Hydrated:
Did you know that your brain cannot function properly when you are dehydrated? Water provides oxygenation and detoxification. It is so important to hydrate your mind as our bodies are mostly made of water.  Now, I know it has been touted that you must drink plain water only to hydrate, but that is not true. Try peppermint tea to increase alertness and brain stimulation. Lemon balm tea may help with information storage and retrieval. Green tea can prevent age-related memory loss.  What you don't want to drink is sugar -laden sodas, high carbohydrate drinks or more than one glass of wine or alcohol daily.

Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly:
Good nutrition is very important for a healthy body and mind as you already know.  Doing it is another story, as we are bombarded with messages, some subliminal and some overt, that entice us to eat everything but the healthy thing. As a result, we lack the important nutrients we need to remain healthy.  It is recommended by many to include at least one portion of omega-3 rich fish each week as studies show that this may help reduce cognitive decline by 10 per cent a year!  Walking is a great exercise for your body and mind. While walking try and use your senses to make observations of what is going on around you, really focusing on the beauty of nature. Building your observational skills will ensure that your mind works to process information while your body exercises to build strength and stamina.

Watch Your Posture:

woman at computer  Good posture improves the blood circulation. This leads to improved blood flow to your brain. Remember to sit and stand tall with a straight back, your shoulders back and head held upright.  Also, take time to get up throughout the day if you are 'tied to' a computer as part of your daily routine.  You can actually get brain fog by being extremely repetitive without doing something to break it up.  Most companies now provide their employees with ergonomically correct desks, chairs, armrests, etc. to remove stress from the body as they understand it decreases alertness.  Make this a daily practice.


These are just a few tips on what you can do to begin to fight back and lessen the senior moments in your life.

And, in case you forgot, I believe in you! 🙂


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