Is time flying for you too?  Wow, can you believe that it’s the middle of December already? What’s up with that? It seemed like October just passed, then it was Thanksgiving with family in DC and now…I am starting to think there is a conspiracy to remove weeks from the months.  Seriously, the older we get, the quicker time goes by.

I recall hearing older people say that when I was a kid and I thought they had to be crazy.  Time was moving so very slowly for me.  I couldn't wait for the weekend, then school break, then summertime - to start it all over again.  I don't exactly remember when it changed, but I think it started around my 30's.  That's when time started speeding up on me.


Now, I make plans to do something and before I can visualize and finalize them, that thing is right upon me! I am NO WAY ready for the festivities to come.  But, ready or not - here it comes!

This year our family is again planning to spend Christmas at a resort together. This is our 6th year we are just as excited about being together as we were in 2011. But if these days go as fast as my last month did, I hope someone takes pictures to show me what I missed. LOL

I hear people talking about how time flies.  Until you reach the big 6 0, you have no idea what flying time is! It amazes me.

On the contrary, though – when does time NOT fly? Can you think of any time? How about at church? Or maybe when you are waiting in line? Or in traffic? When I thought about time from this perspective, I realized that, perhaps time is based on the circumstances or the situation, whether it goes fast or slow. Think about it. If we take the time to be in the moment, to be in the present, time does seem to slow down or speed up.

Here’s what I say – don’t let your days be stolen from you – take the time to stand still – smell the roses, look at a sunset, meditate, play with your grandkids, blog or journal. These activities will help you slow time down and become less anxious about time.  It helps you to experience a bit of eternity and make your life meaningful.

So, the next time you find yourself in disbelief that it is ___day already, let that be your 'wake up call' to slow down.  Practice that and maybe your latter days will be as slow as the former. 

May your holiday time be filled with peace and timeless memories!  And remember, I believe in you!


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