My last blog expounded on obstacles and an alternative way of viewing them, making the obstacles work in your favor.  Now that you have those obstacles out of the way, let’s talk about some things you can do to become more productive.

Making Your Mornings More Productive

Getting up in the morning is a struggle for a lot of us. It’s hard to be productive and get a good start to the day for those who constantly hit the snooze button or who cannot function unless they have that first or second cup of coffee.  If that’s you, try these three simple tips for an easier start to your mornings and getting out of the door on time. If you ask me, being able to do that makes for a productive morning.


Prepare The Night Before to Jumpstart Your Success

The best thing you can do, particularly if you’re not a morning person, is get as much completed as you can the night before. Think of things you can do that will reduce your morning ritual such as pack those lunches, prepare the coffee maker so all you must do is push a button, set the breakfast table, pack book bags and briefcases and lay out the clothes you’re going to wear.

Preparing as much as possible the night before allows you to go through your mornings on autopilot. It will take a bit of a change and initially feel like you are now impeding on your evening, but try it and see if things don’t go much smoother for you and your family. It’s worth the effort.


Set Up A Simple Routine For The Whole Family

The second strategy that will really help is to set up some simple routines. Make sure everyone in the family knows what they are responsible for in the morning from brushing their teeth and making their beds, to grabbing book bags and packing lunches in their bags.

If time allows, include some general chores in the morning like sweeping the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom counters, and unloading the dishwasher, etc. Anything you can fit into your morning routine is one less thing you need to take care of when you get home. But, don’t overdo it and make yourself late again.

  And you can fit in a few work tasks while you’re having your breakfast. Perhaps go over your daily schedule or clean out your emails while you’re drinking coffee and have a few quiet moments. That way you are ready to go as soon as you arrive at your office door.


Stuff Happens! So, Allow For Extra Time  

One last piece of advice that will help you stress less.  It’s so simple that we sometimes miss it.  Allow for extra time in the morning. Duh!  Just set that alarm 10 minutes earlier than you usually do so that you can use that time as a buffer. We know that things will happen - someone can’t find their shoes, you can’t find the car keys, someone spills food on their clothes or the toast gets burnt.

You don’t want to get stressed out and start your morning in a panic, yelling at your family because it will probably ruin the rest of your day. So, take that stress away by allowing a little extra time each morning. And when you don’t use that time, you can now do something else productive before heading out the door. Giving yourself that buffer is golden!

You can make the most of these simple and tried tips to help you live your highest life.  I believe in you!

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