My “why” is not your "why".   Yours will likely be very different from mine or that of your next door neighbor.  Just like no two people have the same fingerprint, no two people will have the exact same 'why'.

In simple terms, your “why” or purpose is the reason why you are  here; what you are created to do to impact this world.  It's why you get up in the morning. And no, it isn’t to go to your job so you can pay your rent or mortgage. It must go deeper than that. Going to a job is just the means to support you until you can start to fulfill your purpose, your why.

People come to me asking how to figure out what their purpose is and I tell them they have to discover that for themselves.  It takes time and it takes commitment; you have to press into it, want it more than you want anything else.  Then, your purpose will begin to open up to you.

Here is a list of some examples of what your “why”, your purpose, or your calling may look like.  My goal and hope is that they spark an idea in your own mind that will help you find your true calling if you don't already know it.

  • Raising happy, healthy kids into adulthood.
  • Taking in foster animals until a more permanent home can be found for them.
  • Knitting preemie hats for your local hospital.
  • Running a support group for addicts, grieving parents, overeater.
  • Taking underprivileged kids to the library to help them discover the joy of reading.
  • Just being there with a kind word, a hug, and a shoulder to try on when someone has lost a person close to them.
  • Writing how-to or other types of books to help people improve their life.
  • Becoming a make-up artist.
  • Help others in the world through on-line training and coaching.
  • Minister through a place of worship and help others improve on their spirituality.
  • Growing a vegetable garden and sharing the produce with families in low income neighborhoods.
  • Collecting slightly worn business attire and giving it to homeless or refugees to help them during job interviews.
  • Running or helping in a soup kitchen.
  • Leading a youth group at church.
  • Working as a nurse in an assisted living facility.
  • Teaching young kids about healthy nutrition and exercise.
  • Turning an empty lot into a community garden
  • Traveling the world teaching English.
  • Opening a non-profit daycare where young moms can drop of their kids so they can take an hour or two for themselves (to get their hair done, or just go grocery shopping without kids in tow).
  • Sewing pet beds and distributing to local animal shelters.
  • Running a non-profit that provides toiletries to those in need.
  • Creating a YouTube channel that teaches people how to stay alive in an emergency situation where they have to make do without power.
  • Teaching young wives old-fashioned homemaking skills via a blog or book.  1689593
  • Keeping traditional crafts alive via workshops and educational videos.
  • Creating a seed bank that stores, collects and shares seed for fruits and vegetables.
  • Sharing your weight loss journey to inspire others.
  • Using your graphics or photography talents to illustrate books to inspire children.
  • Working as a midwife to help women bring children into this world in a relaxing and natural way.
  • Becoming a landscape designer that helps homeowners create beautiful outdoor living spaces.
  • Working as a home inspector sharing your knowledge about construction and building so potential home buyers can make educated decisions.
  • Make beautiful handmade journals that help others jot down their thoughts.
  • Working as an attorney to help single parents get child support.
  • Working at the Small Business Administration helping budding new entrepreneurs start their business.
  • Volunteer at your local soup kitchen and help feed the hungry.
  • Making a living as a financial planner and helping your clients retire comfortably.
  • Becoming a nutritionist, helping people diagnosed with diabetes make changes to their diet.
  • Sharing your love for painting with others and passing on your skills.
  • Taking budding photographers out on tours helping them take better pictures.
  • Inspiring others to explore the world around them by publishing your travel journals.
  • Run a summer camp for children and encourage them to eat healthy and move around more.
  • Start a class that teaches seniors to use computers to connect with their loved ones.
  • Conduct live events that motivate and encourage others.

As you can see in this short list of examples of finding your why, it can take just about any shape or form. For some of us our “why” is how we earn our living as usually your purpose will bring financial success with it. Sometimes people don't utilize their gift this way, but others see the potential and do what is necessary to make it their career or profession.  It could be the job you are in as well - only you know if what you are doing is fulfilling your purpose or potential.  My hope for you is that you figure it out and walk in it.

The key is to listen to your heart and find your WHY!


You can live the highest life possible by living out your purpose.  Go for it! I believe in you!

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