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I know, I know…you’ve heard or read this before but you still haven’t moved forward. Why? I used to ask myself this question all the time. I had pieces of a book in a closet, on a shelf, in a folder and some still in my head. I wanted to write a book, even felt I needed to write a book but always did the start/stop thing. It was frustrating, so finally, I just moved on and forgot about it.

Then as the years passed, it started creeping up again, slowly and methodically as I congratulated others on their books, passed a book store or saw a sign of someone else successfully publishing their dream book.


“That’s it!” I told myself finally. “I AM going to write and publish a book”. But, I had to find out what was preventing me from moving forward. I did a bit of soul-searching and here are some things I noticed:

  • I didn’t think any one would want to read my book.
  • I didn’t think I was a good writer.
  • The story was in my head but I was not sure how to get it out and on paper.
  • No one will actually pay money to buy my book.
  • Others will think I’m crazy.

And on and on…these types of limiting beliefs are the core to procrastination. We can become paralyzed by our own thoughts and beliefs resulting in stagnation.

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unnamedGiggy, the Grandmother, I would not have been inspired to actually complete my book without you. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your coaching and support! I had no idea that I could complete a book that I had been working on for 2 years in 30 days! I'm so grateful to you. I encourage anyone who wants to get their book completed to retain your services.

~Margaret McPhail - Author of Margaret's Girlfriend Guide

August 14, 2015

This is where I come in. I help you make your book writing dream a reality!

You can write a book, possibly many books! You just have to get past YOU and those lies in your head.

Here are some tips that can help:

  • Know that you are not alone with these thoughts. Most successful writers have had the same.
  • Try recording your book first. If it’s hard to get started writing, get your phone or recorder and just start talking.
  • Don’t be concerned about how well the book will do. The main reason you are writing the book is for you. If it becomes a Best Seller, that’s icing on the cake!
  • Invest in a coach. Those who are successful and finish in life almost always invest in a coach or mentor to help them succeed. You are worth it; your dreams are worth it!

So, start today. Even if it’s just one page or if you have it almost completed – get it done!

And, to see if you and I are a good match together, schedule a free call with me and let’s chat. Contact me at karen@karendenise.net or click below to schedule the time that works best for you.

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Arlene-mitchellWhat can I say but 'thanks a thousand times' for challenging me to put my passion on paper.  Karen King, my Coach aka "Giggy the grandmother" spoke life to all of my insecurities and empowered me to get it done.  If you have been trying to write a book and keep putting it off, take the challenge and give her a call.  Because of her persistence and encouragement I am now called: Author! 🙂

~Minister Arlene Mitchel - Author of Prayer, The Lifestyle

August 14, 2015

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5776 Revised Final Book Cover and Spine Artwork



I want to thank Karen Denise, my editor and book coach for your expertise and attention to details. Thank you for pushing me to birth this book. You truly are a writer’s midwife! Now on to the next book!

~ Dr. Craig Coates, Ph.D. - Author

"The Year of Release: 5776"

November 22, 2015

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ImWithTheLord_BookCover 11 28 15 front My husband and I are so appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to work with Karen Denise. Her efficiency and diligence to follow us through to the end of getting my husband's book ready for publishing was stress free. Karen ' s creative ideas, editing skills,  resources and encouragement gave us further inspiration and enthusiasm for getting other books published. We thank the Lord for her and the gift He gave her to be a blessing to others.
Pastors John & Carol Warr

January 8, 2016

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GK_CREWS_013Thank you Karen AkA Giggy, for helping me to birth my first book. You helped me to calm the buzzing in my head and transfer it all to an amazing book, while at the same time building a friendship between us that will be everlasting.  Thank you for the Kingdom classes and sharing God's word. The support and encouragement you gave me helped to empower me to focus on my "Purpose." Thank you!

~ Carolyn Crews, Author, "I Shot My Dad!" ~

June 6, 2016



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